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Why Choose Onward Paws?

We're here to support you, your family, and your beloved four pawed companion when it’s their time to move onward.

We ensure your pet moves onward with love, grace, dignity, and the peacefulness that embodies their life with those they love most in the place they fear least — their home.

We're here to help. Contact us today.

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We practice palliative care with compassion that peacefully eases your pet's transition and helps provide your family with closure


Fear Free

Our fear free approach reduces the feelings of stress in your pet during end of life care by enabling a more peaceful transition


Family Centric

We believe home is where the heart is and the role it has for your pet's wellbeing during end of life care or when saying goodbye

Robin and Izzy


We focus exclusively on home pet hospice and euthanasia which eases the transition from a terminal condition to a humane and peaceful passing of your beloved pet whether they're a dog, cat, or any other home companion.

Our comprehensive in-home hospice and euthanasia services help extend the time you have with your pet by improving their quality of life until it's their time to move onward.

Veterinary Hospice

Our pallative hospice care ensures your beloved companion is comfortable and content during the dying process at home


In-Home Euthanasia

We take the utmost pride in helping your pet experience a fear free and peaceful passing in the comfort of the home



Our full service aftercare includes memorial keepsakes and transporation for a stress and worry free experience

Hours + Prices

Serving the Greater Huntsville Area

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Appointments Scheduled

Monday - Friday
9 AM, 11 AM, 1 PM, 3 PM, and 5 PM

Available for after hours (6 PM - 8 PM), weekends, and holidays

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Onward Paws Packages
Hospice or Euthanasia

$ 300

Brief physical exam
In-home appointment visit
Clay paw impression keepsake

Euthanasia AND
Private Cremation*

under 50 lbs
$ 500
50 - 99 lbs
$ 600
100+ lbs
$ 680

Euthanasia & Cremation with ashes returned
Cremated at a licensed crematory
Paw impression, lock of hair & ink prints

Euthanasia AND
Communal Cremation*

under 50 lbs
$ 400
50 - 99 lbs
$ 500
100+ lbs
$ 580

Euthanasia & Cremation without ashes returned
Cremated at a licensed crematory
Paw impression, lock of hair & ink prints

* Pets weighing 40 lbs or more may require family assistance carrying your pet to the vehicle

Package Highlights

✓  Travel to your home (up to 20 miles)
✓  Brief physical exam of your pet
✓  Hospice or euthanasia visit (max 200 lbs)
✓  Gentle care and handling of your pet
✓  Complimentary memorial keepsakes
✓  Optional aftercare and cremation
✓  Crematorium transportation (if elected)
✓  Return of ashes to your home (if elected)

Your Onward Paws Memorial Keepsakes

* The beautiful, personalized wood urn above is included with private cremation only

Additional Paid Services

After hours (6 PM - 8 PM)
Weekends or holidays
Long distance travel or extended times

Payment Methods

Payment Method
✓  Easy and stress free
✓  Maximizes the time with your pet
✓  Pay anytime before the appointment

Unfortunately, we do not accept cash or check

Contact Us

(256) 272 - 1188

Feel free to phone, text, or email me if you have any questions about our in-home pet hospice or euthanasia and pet cremation services.

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Your Doctor

Robin Gibbons, DVM

Robin (Gross) Gibbons, DVM

Veterinarian and Onward Paws Owner

Over 18 years of experience delivering exceptional, compassionate, and empathetic medical care to pets and their families. Robin is focused on clear communication and client education to ensure families are well-informed while making decisions for their pets.

Robin is licensed in Alabama, Arizona, and Virginia. She is recognized by clients and colleagues as a caring veterinarian that balances the health and well-being of pets and owner needs above anything else.

Dr. Gibbons graduated from Florida State University in 2002 and went on to receive her veterinary training at Ross University and The Ohio State University, graduating in 2006. She is a member of the American Veterinarian Medical Association (AVMA) and the Companion Animal Euthanasia Training Academy (CAETA) as a Certified Peaceful Euthanasia Veterinarian (CPEV).

Memberships and Certifications

AVMA Member CPEV Credentials CAETA Certified
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Frequently Asked Questions

  • Hospice care prioritizes a pet's comfort and quality of life by reducing pain and suffering during the dying process.

    See AAHA Animal versus human hospice care for more information

  • Euthanasia is a humane, peaceful, and respectful procedure that induces death relieving a pet from pain and suffering.

    See AVMA guidelines for the euthanasia of animals for more information

  • Choosing in-home euthanasia enables the entire family, including children and other pets, to say goodbye in their own way within the privacy and comfort of the home.

    By selecting in-home euthanasia for your companion, you provide your pet with the most peaceful, loving, and stress-free environment they know -- their home.

  • If your pet can no longer experience the things, he/she once enjoyed, cannot respond to you in his or her usual ways, or appears to be experiencing more pain than pleasure, you may need to consider euthanasia.

    Likewise, if your pet is terminally ill or critically injured, or if the financial or emotional cost of treatment is beyond your means, euthanasia may be a valid option.

    Sometimes asking yourself the question, "Does my pet have more bad days than good days?" can help you make the decision.

    AVMA pet owner resource: Euthanasia

  • Yes.

    Onward Paws ensures the process is humane and peaceful by using current AVMA and CAETA euthanasia guidance, techniques, and protocols.

    Likewise, in-home euthanasia ensures the final moments you and your companion share are stress free because they are in a comfortable environment they know and love.

    AVMA pet owner resource: Euthanasia

  • Unfortunately, a natural death does not guarantee your pet a stress free, peaceful, and painless process. Euthanasia spares your pet from unpredictable changes in quality of life, comfort, and suffering.

  • Yes.

    Some pet owners choose to be present during their pet’s euthanasia, but others choose to say goodbye beforehand and not be present during euthanasia.

    This is a very personal decision, and you should do what feels right for you. Do not let others pressure you into making a choice that makes you uncomfortable.

  • Once the process is complete you and your family will have time to say goodbye and grieve privately.

    During this period, it is important to know, your pet may move his/her legs or head or breathe deeply several times. These are reflexes and DO NOT mean that your pet is alive, in pain, suffering, or that the euthanasia process was unsuccessful.

    Following your family's goodbyes your pet will be transported for aftercare cremation (if elected).

  • Yes.

    In many cases families wish to assist in carrying their pet to the car because it helps bring closure.

    If your pet weighs 40 lbs. or more; the veterinarian may ask for assistance with carrying your pet to the car for aftercare.

  • Yes.

    However, we may request that you administer an oral sedative prescribed from your family veterinarian prior to our arrival.

    We may also need to use a muzzle for the safety of everyone involved.

  • We can schedule the appointment, but there can be up to a 14-day waiting period, based on pet health and state or local regulations.

    We may also request to contact your family veterinarian or animal control regarding the details of the incident prior to scheduling.

  • No.

    Onward Paws specializes in at-home palliative hospice and euthanasia only.

Pet Loss Resources

Anyone who considers a pet a beloved friend, companion, or family member knows the intense pain that accompanies their loss.

The following resources are provided to help you and your family prepare and cope with the loss of your loyal family member.

You’re not alone in this and remember that millions of pet owners have experienced the same intense feelings of loss which are both normal and natural.
  • Association for Pet Loss and Bereavement (APLB)

    Non-profit organization dedicated to helping people grieve the loss of their pet.

    American Veterinary Medical Association (AVMA)

    Provides pet owner guideance and material related to end-of-life care and euthanasia decision making.

    Pet Loss Hotlines

    Tufts University Pet Loss Hotline website
    Cornell University Pet Loss Hotline website